Planning your wedding should be a snap.


But you’re stressed out and not making headway.


Planning your mid-life wedding is an exciting journey. On one hand, it feels like you’ve won the Love Lottery. You keep pinching yourself because you’re just so darn happy.


On the other hand, it’s challenging


Turning that “pinch me” happy feeling into a real-life, real-you, oh-so-beautiful wedding experience quickly becomes complex.


Perhaps these sound familiar

You’re struggling to find the ideal venue.

Shopping for a wedding dress has your emotions in a tailspin.

Your kids, (or parents) can’t get on-board with how happy you are…or the idea of you marrying at this time in your life.


It’s true, you’ve never been happier. After all you’re making plans to marry the love of your life. 

But, you feel a bit lost and out-of-sorts. Maybe even overwhelmed.


I get it. You’re SO clear on why you’re doing this AND it’s your chance to honor your special love. You definitely want to get. it. right.


I’m Lisa Joiner and I help wise women in love aka mid-life brides get the clarity, inspiration, and resources they need to breeze through the wedding planning process and create a ceremony that honors their love story.


I’ve written my book Unveiled Wisdom to help you more easily navigate being a bride in mid-life and feel supported all along the way. No resources were out there when I got married at age 54. That fact propelled me onto this path of helping other mid-life couples feel welcomed, supported, and celebrated. You deserve tons of kudos for taking the BIG risk of falling in love and planning a wedding…of opening up to whole-hearted love…in mid-life.


The wedding planning is the window dressing for your love story. Your ideas, Pinterest pins, and dogeared magazine pages are the jumping off points for creating a ceremony that authentically reflects you and your groom. I’m here to help you get all the way to the altar and beyond, have fun, and feel inspired while doing it.


You’re in a safe environment here where hot topics are discussed (join us over at our Facebook page) and mid-life wedding dreams are encouraged and celebrated. (We dress a few windows…so to speak)


Author, Lisa Joiner

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