The positive aspect of a Friday evening wedding is simple; it can be less expensive. Many venues are willing to waive their catering and guest minimums for a Friday evening wedding. This can make Friday a smart choice for those brides looking for venue options to host smaller and more intimate gatherings. Even smart choices result in the law of unintended consequences kicking in. Here are 8 challenges of Friday Weddings you may encounter: Your vendors will probably have another… Read more »

  Every bride wants the perfect wedding. Older brides bring a level of confidence and shall I say it, a take charge attitude to the planning process. This attitude should not be confused with control issues, which we also probably have! However you want to categorize it, implementing these 11 items will make your wedding day a success. 1. Unplug Your Guests! Yep, that’s right have them turn off their smart-phones, I-pads and any other device that has a screen,… Read more »

Browsing today for more age appropriate dresses and came upon these by Cymbeline. (Okay I might have put a couple of other designers in there so go over to my Pinterest link to see then all and get which designer they are!) Pricey….as they are designer gowns. But they do offer some nice ideas for style. Have a look and tell me your thoughts!