You’ve sporting a beautiful ring, have a great engagement story and are so happy you can’t stop smiling. People are thrilled for you. And then they start offering their opinions: Weddings are so expensive. You’re not going to waste your money on one, are you?You’d be better off taking a trip or buying a house than spending money on a wedding.You’re going to keep your wedding small and casual right?Luckily you’ve already had a big wedding. No need to repeat that.You’re not… Read more »

One of the most magical of moments happens when you and your groom stand in front of your family and friends and say your wedding vows. Having your ceremony altar reflect the sacredness of this moment is vital. It should frame you and your groom, be a great photo backdrop and also take into consideration the Officiate, your attendants, and electronics (microphone, speakers). This day, from beginning to end, is all about ceremony but the moments at the altar, declaring your love… Read more »