There are a few things brides should swerve to avoid no matter their age. 



Not wanting to be thought of as a Bridezilla, many brides will tolerate poor performance, bad behavior, and snippy attitudes from vendors instead of speaking up. This can become a big regret after the wedding.  

No one likes confrontation, but not speaking up when your gut tells you something’s off can be disastrous.

Bride’s think because they’ve hired the pros they’ll automatically do a stellar job. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The closer it gets to the wedding day the more difficult it becomes for the bride to speak up.


7 Wedding Regrets to Avoid


Using friends or family as a vendor (disc jockey, cake maker, photographer) can become a major regret and a disaster that’s difficult to overcome. 

If you’re trying to save money, but don’t know the level of their abilities, or quality of their work it can lead to major disappointments, not to mention hurt feelings. 

On the other hand, if you know a friend or family member is a first class vendor and you disrespect them by assuming they’ll give you their time and professional services for free, irrevocable damage can be done to these relationships.


7 Wedding Regrets to Avoid

These next three have to do with your wedding pictures, the photographer and unplugging your guests.



Not preparing a list to give the photographer of the family members, friends and group shots you want included in your wedding day photos. Many times this missed opportunity isn’t noticed until the couple looks through the proofs, then it hits them.



Not asking your guests to “unplug” during the ceremony. Let your guests know that’s why you hired a professional photographer. Once those moments are ruined by someone snapping your special moment with their cell phone, they’re lost forever and can never be recaptured.



This is a sad regret later down the road – not buying the professionally curated photo album. Many couples get budget conscious and don’t shell out the cash for this potentially big ticket item. They intend to create their own album but rarely do.

7 Wedding Regrets to Avoid
7 Wedding Regrets to Avoid



Allowing family or friends to negatively influence your ceremony and wedding plans creates serious regret.  Mid-life couples can unintentionally ruffle a few emotional feathers with their later in life romance. It’s not uncommon for parents or adult children to pressure (okay, demand) couples to alter their plans. Or, they threaten not to attend at all because they don’t agree with the relationship.


The bride and groom shouldn’t give in to disrespectful behavior or unreasonable family pressures. If the unhappy person decides not to attend the wedding, that’s acceptable, but the couple should proceed with their plans. 


7 Wedding Regrets to Avoid

Have any regrets you’d like to share with other mid-life brides? 

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