072af757204be6a80fa925f28d8c3683The positive aspect of a Friday evening wedding is simple; it can be less expensive. Many venues are willing to waive their catering and guest minimums for a Friday evening wedding. This can make Friday a smart choice for those brides looking for venue options to host smaller and more intimate gatherings.

Even smart choices result in the law of unintended consequences kicking in. Here are 8 challenges of Friday Weddings you may encounter:

  • Your vendors will probably have another wedding or event planned for the Saturday following your wedding.  If this is the case, find out how this might impact your event. Ask about staffing levels, timing issues, availability, set up, break down and have them give you specifics. Discuss how the impacts can be handled to your satisfaction.
  • Prime rehearsal times at the ceremony venue can get booked up. If you want your rehearsal on Thursday evening you may be competing with the Saturday bride and groom to reserve the space. Prevent this by scheduling your rehearsal time early on in your planning process.
  • Sometimes the venue will schedule a rehearsal for the Saturday couple on the day of your wedding, while your vendors are trying to set up your creative elements! This can be an intrusion on both party’s plans! Discuss this with staff early on so all parties can be accommodated for their once in a lifetime event.
  • The Saturday wedding will probably be a larger event, make sure your intimate event is treated with the respect it deserves.
  • If you are having your ceremony at a golf course venue, ask about any tournaments or other golfing events that may be happening the day of your wedding and how this can possibly impact your wedding ceremony. Be prepared for rowdy golfers as they make their way to the 18th green and bar.
  • Parking at some downtown locations on a Friday night can be challenging. Investigate what else is happening on the date of your wedding, address this early and inform your guests.
  • Finding rehearsal dinner space at a restaurant or other busy location on a Thursday night can also be challenging. Thursday is a very popular “dine out” night. Plan ahead, this one took me awhile to solve!
  • Friday is still a work day for many guests. Consider traffic and travel times into your time line.

The revelation here is not that surprising; have a plan and work the plan. The old adage “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance” holds true.

Even with these challenges Friday evening weddings can be absolutely enchanting and successful. Having an entire weekend to celebrate after your wedding is also a nice bonus.

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