There are a few things brides should swerve to avoid no matter their age.  1.Not wanting to be thought of as a Bridezilla, many brides will tolerate poor performance, bad behavior, and snippy attitudes from vendors instead of speaking up. This can become a big regret after the wedding.  No one likes confrontation, but not speaking up when your gut tells you something’s off can be disastrous.Bride’s think because they’ve hired the pros they’ll automatically do a stellar job. Unfortunately, this isn’t… Read more »

Debbie Brown Photographer Hiring a professional photographer to capture those unforgettable moments of your wedding day is a HUGE decision emotionally and financially. In today’s electronic age, sadly some couples forego using a traditional photographer in lieu of guest’s cell phone images via Snapshot, Facebook and Instagram. I sat down to chat with local, award winning photographer Debbie Brown (she’s been voted the Best Photographer in her city for 7 consecutive years and was just awarded Woman of the Year for… Read more »

Let’s talk bridal bouquets. Every bride envisions herself carrying one down the aisle and having it in hand for wedding day photos. Here’s what you may not realize; they’re heavy, awkward, and can be a difficult prop to work with. Don’t get me wrong, I love them. My goal here is to have you to think about the flowers, and the size, weight, shape, and comfort of your bouquet ahead of time. Carrying around a flower arrangement all day is generally… Read more »

My husband and I recently took a ten day, 3100 mile road trip that included Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Lake Louise & Banff, Canada, (Love those Canadian Rockies!!) . While in Banff we visited the Fairmont Banff Springs Chateau which is an exquisite castle-like property nestled in the Rockies with spectacular views. As we explored the property, we discovered staff setting up for a wedding reception. What I liked was the simplicity of the décor. They were allowing the room to… Read more »

You’ve sporting a beautiful ring, have a great engagement story and are so happy you can’t stop smiling. People are thrilled for you. And then they start offering their opinions: Weddings are so expensive. You’re not going to waste your money on one, are you?You’d be better off taking a trip or buying a house than spending money on a wedding.You’re going to keep your wedding small and casual right?Luckily you’ve already had a big wedding. No need to repeat that.You’re not… Read more »

One of the most magical of moments happens when you and your groom stand in front of your family and friends and say your wedding vows. Having your ceremony altar reflect the sacredness of this moment is vital. It should frame you and your groom, be a great photo backdrop and also take into consideration the Officiate, your attendants, and electronics (microphone, speakers). This day, from beginning to end, is all about ceremony but the moments at the altar, declaring your love… Read more »

A big thanks to Alma, of Alma’s Bridal in Lincoln, California for giving us our first little known fact; custom gown services. She shared with me the names of two wedding dress companies that offer custom changes such as adding sleeves or changing a neckline (along with other options) as you place your dress order with a bridal salon. Perhaps you’ve heard of these companies, but my guess is, you probably didn’t know about their “custom services” policy. Not all bridal salons… Read more »

I do however want to ignite a revolution. What sent me down the path to revolution? Google. In 2011 while planning my wedding, I’d Google wedding dresses, shoes, venues, books, and so forth under the categories of (among others), “Older brides” and “Mid-Life Brides.” The results were pitiful. My brick & mortar searches were equally non-productive. Google’s empty results revved up my desire to inspire change within this overlooked, under-served category.   When I started writing my book, Unveiled Wisdom:… Read more »

Cherry Blossom Cake It’s springtime and there are some fabulous cakes out there to help celebrate your wedding in style. A question was asked on Facebook recently about where to find an extravagant and inexpensive wedding cake. Seem like a contradiction? Well it depends on how the bride defines extravagant…and inexpensive. First thing is to define your cake budget. The next is to ask what makes a cake extravagant to you? Is it color, tall tiers, flowers, pearls, beads, fondant? Try to… Read more »

One year seems to spill into the next as far as trends go and quite frankly when it comes to wedding planning there are certain things that never seem to go out of style; roses, peonies, beautiful soft colors, Canon in D and comfort food are some good examples.If these trends for 2015 (shared below) appeal to your aesthetic trust me, there will be a plethora of Pinterest pins, blog articles and real wedding pictures to aid in your wedding… Read more »