Step One: Review Your Mentoring Bounty.


~Four – One on One Personalized & Customized (working on what’s important to you) Sessions over 6 AWESOME weeks

~Detailed Follow Through & Prioritization via email Following each Session & In-Between Sessions

~Compassionate “Been There” support

~Step by Step Plan to create your wedding

~Research Assistance

~Framework & Ceremony Plan for your big day

~My Very Best Tools to help you create your dream wedding and actually have fun doing it.

~Unveiled Wisdom FaceBook Community Access

~Savvy Unveiled Wisdom Bride Newsletters & Info sent directly to your inbox

~Owning (work it baby!) being a MAKE-IT-HAPPEN, ACTION-READY WISE-BRIDE


Investment: One Payment of $999



Step Two: Commit to getting the most Bang for your Buck.




~I’ve got the ring! Whoohooo! I’m engaged! My Happily Ever After is happening NOW!

~I’m Excited, Eager & Down Right Positive, as in Super-Happy-Savvy Mid-Life Bride.

~I’m currently planning or READY to plan my own wedding.

~I want to create my own wedding in a way that genuinely reflects both me and my groom (yes, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves, let’s get to work!).

~I know that while Lisa will happily be working with me one-on-one during our sessions, and cheering me on via emails, AND our time together will be FABULOUS & FUN, this is a self-driven, wedding trail and she’s not an onsite wedding planner nor is this a “she’ll do it all for me” program.

~I realize that over the next 6 weeks I’ve got a unique opportunity to experience an intense “get-it-done” window, making great headway on creating my absolutely beautiful (a true moment to revel in) wedding because that’s what wedding mentoring is really all about!

~I understand that this program is only refundable within 2 days of our first session. The refund will be – minus $350 for Lisa’s time & services up to this point. I fully understand once I get to day 3 after the first session, the program becomes NON-REFUNDABLE.

~I am responsible for my OWN success and know that what I put into Wedding Mentoring, I’ll get FROM Wedding Mentoring. And I can’t WAIT to get started!



NOW We’re ready to Get to Work.


Let’s Do This!

Investment: One Payment of $999