One year seems to spill into the next as far as trends go and quite frankly when it comes to wedding planning there are certain things that never seem to go out of style; roses, peonies, beautiful soft colors, Canon in D and comfort food are some good examples.

If these trends for 2015 (shared below) appeal to your aesthetic trust me, there will be a plethora of Pinterest pins, blog articles and real wedding pictures to aid in your wedding planning inspiration. I read through multiple blogs researching the trends for this year. I chose trends that seemed to repeat. I kept it to ten and I didn’t include fashion since most wedding gowns are not designed with the mid-life bride in mind.

I am a big believer in answering the call of your heart whether or not the look you are going for is trendy. Of course, if it’s trendy it will be easier to find, create and plan.

1. Pale Colors – Shades of Pinks and Creams – later in the year we will see just a pop of color start to show up

2. English Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Dahlias, Ranunculus are still flower favorites. Old fashioned beauty never goes out of style

3. Glitter – All the rage in shoes, head pieces, table numbers, dresses or glamming up bouquets. I personally love glitter…especially the cool antique glitter. A little bit goes a long way and gets everywhere!

Top 10 Wedding Planning Trends for 2015


Old Fashioned Beauty Never Goes Out of Style


Top 10 Wedding Planning Trends for 2015
Top 10 Wedding Planning Trends for 2015
Top 10 Wedding Planning Trends for 2015
Top 10 Wedding Planning Trends for 2015


4. Rustic / Wild West – both are still very popular themes, whether held in a barn, outdoors with rustic touches or total cowboy glam and hay bales. There are many ways to go rustic. These themes can get expensive so flexibility and ingenuity are important while planning.

5. Greenery – Lots of it. Used instead of flowers or to supplement floral arrangements. Tied with ribbon, in vases, wreaths, wrapped around vases. This is a category that can create a lot of impact. I also see a lot of succulents being used in creative ways in bouquets, arrangements and along pathways.

6. Fresh Picked Seasonal Blooms – From Farmer’s Markets (or your garden) in buckets, tubs, vases it is a more casual and regional look

7. Copper – This metal came in strong at holiday time and is still very popular. It works with many different looks and adds a warm “bling” to a room. Probably more suited for the second half of the year than the first in my opinion.

  • Painted table at rustic altar

    Rustic Altar

  • Logs with Hearts

    Rustic Table Setting

  • Good Luck chair adornment

    Horseshoe Chair Adornment

  • Coffee anyone?

    Brigade Coffee Truck

  • Barn Time

    Rustic Time Zones

  • orchids and succulents

    succulent Floral centerpiece

  • Dessert Anyone?

    Cupcakes and Coffee Truck

  • It's a beautiful view

    Rustic Door Altar

8. Food Trucks – Instead of the traditional caterer, or for the dessert, or the after party. This adds a fun and interesting element to theme around for any reception.

9. Cocktail Receptions – My personal fav instead of the traditional dinner party. This is perfect for many mid-life couples who have intimate gatherings. Adult beverages, good food, and mingling without all the traditions of formal receptions. There is so much you can do to theme a cocktail party and have it be a stand out.

10. Comfort Food – Mac & Cheese, Burgers, BBQ, Apple Pie, whatever your comforts are let them be your guide and theme away!





Whatever you do, keep it simple because that is always a safe bet and a lot less stressful. And make sure you only create decorations and a ceremony setting you love. Be a love trendsetter and always be Bride Proud!

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