You’re getting married (Whoohoo!), and it’s time to plan your dream wedding.

Do you…

A) Hire a wedding planner? OR

B) Become the planning force of your wedding?


 If you answered “B,” you’re in the right place.



Do these sound familiar?


When it comes to planning your wedding you’re:

Stuck. Making so many BIG decisions right up front makes deciding anything almost impossible.

Overwhelmed. 1000’s of ideas (from all those Pinterest pages & Etsy stores) have you spinning your creative wheels.

Unsure. Your Savvy Mid-Life Bride confidence wanes in a world focused on young brides.


You’re thrilled about being a Mid-Life Bride because you:

Realize you & your groom’s love story needs to be told with style (your style).

Don’t want to spend thousands of dollars waiting for someone else to SCRIPT your Big Day.

Believe your Masterpiece event should be defined and created by YOU.


You think it would be fun working with a Planning Ninja like me.

Hitting Home?

Perfect. Keep Reading…


I’ve got a (helpful) solution.


It’s called Wedding Mentoring, and it will help you:

  • Define your very personal event with style
  • Create an easy step by step plan that brings your wedding to life
  • Easily make one smart decision after another (you’re a make-it-happen gal, after all!)


Along the way you will experience:


Having a mentor (that’s me!) help you with a no-nonsense, actionable plan gets you to the altar in style.



No guesswork. I’ll walk you through every stage (it’s all about developing, prioritizing, and implementing the plan, baby!). A little “been there” support doesn’t hurt either.



To spend with your fiancé enjoying your engagement and (doing all the fun projects you’re actually excited about doing).



No more cookie cutters! Unless, of course you want the cookie cutter.



With friends, family, vendors, snippy store owners…you’ve SO got this! You’re Bride Proud!


Sounds cool Lisa, but….How do YOU describe Mentoring?

Besides fun, rewarding and my dream job? Okay, here’s my view: Being a wedding mentor is part how-to, part advice/self-help, part strategy and part me helping you get your wise bride mojo kicked up a few notches. As your wedding mentor my goal is to deliver a result oriented, no-nonsense plan while comforting, nurturing and empowering you to take consistent action as you create your own wedding. Whew! Sounds good right?


Who makes a good candidate for Wedding Mentoring?

I’m looking for big-hearted women who are EXCITED about being a mid-life bride (you’re All In!), and who have an “I’m-so-ready-for-this” positive attitude. My dream brides are ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work necessary to create a stand out event, they just need a little guidance to pull it all together. They see incredible value in the personal one-on-one service and attention focused on creating their dreamy wedding (every bride wants the fairytale after all). OH…and one last thing, you know your “Happily Ever After” is happening right now. Sound like you?


I'm SO Ready! Let's do This.


So what’s included when you sign up for Mentoring?


  • 4 – One hour Scheduled Phone Sessions over a 6 week time frame
  • Specific Email follow-up to each phone appointment
  • Compassionate Support
  • In-Between Session Email correspondence


Gimme a little more details

You’re investing in personalized service, attention and high quality strategy sessions filled with brainstorming, pin-pointing, organizing, and prioritizing the specifics that will help make your wedding experience more enjoyable.


During our work together I’ll spend time listening and learning about you and your groom, discovering your style, budget and how you envision your dream wedding. We’ll work together to develop a framework for a ceremony and reception that reflects you both and create a step by step plan (that you know is right), for you to implement.


Prepping for our work together

Once you’ve signed up for mentoring and paid your fee, check your email for confirmation and instructions. Once we’ve scheduled our first session, check your email once again for prep materials that’ll provide the starting place for our journey together. In it you’ll find some basic questions about you and your groom along with questions and promptings about your wedding.

The answers you provide will set us firmly on your wedding path and help us make efficient use of our time together.



At the Wedding Trail Head

During our first call together we’ll review the information in your prep materials, discuss your vision (if you have one) and what you’d like to focus on during our work together. Then we will get brainstorming, strategizing and planning. This is where we begin to create the step by step plan for you and me.



After each session I’ll follow up (normally within one business day) via email, offering a recap, insights, suggestions and any next steps, (did I mention I’m a planning ninja?).

5 or 6 days after our session (in between our phone sessions) I’ll check-in with you via email to provide additional information we’ve discussed, offer support, hear your progress and keep you on track to organizing your wedding. (Remember that “consistent action and compassionate support?”)


CALLS 2 & 3

On the Wedding Trail

Once we’ve created the plan we work the plan. Making smart decisions that reflect your personal style and budget, along with research (You’ll get a little help from me with this), organization and moving our way through the list, that’s what working the plan looks like. I’m here to help you stay on the trail and keep moving in the right direction.



Arrival at Your Destination

You’re a make-it-happen bride! Big decisions (Your Top 6 at least!) are all made, your wedding’s style identified, vendors are lined-up and your ceremony plan is in place. You’ve organized your wedding and now you’re ready to concentrate on the little details that make your wedding even more of a standout. Congratulations! You’ve become the planning force of your wedding.


 Ready to Say Yes?

Here’s how we can work together right now:

6 week Commitment (4 Calls)

Your willingness to take action all the way to the altar.

Mentoring Program: $999Oh, HeckYES!


Still Have a few more Q’s?


Is Mentoring Right for Me?

I’m SO glad you asked! Ya know, this program isn’t for everyone.

Here’s the deal, if you prefer someone else be in charge of your big day or creative decisions, or if you desire an on-site planner, then let’s be honest, this is not the program for you.

On the other hand, if you’re organized, creative, on your game, a snap at research, have a vision and know how to execute it, OR already have your wedding completely planned?…You Go Girl! You don’t need me! BUTdo send me an email with some pictures…I’d love to see your grand event!



Can I make payments?

No, I don’t have a payment plan at this time. I ask for full payment upfront.


What is your return policy or guarantee?

If, within 2 days after our first full Trail Blazing session, (this includes the email follow-up) you decide the program is not a good fit (or you & I aren’t a good match…I know…like that would ever happen) I will refund your investment minus $350. HOWEVER…after day 3 there are no refunds.

AND there are no returns on 1 hour or 30 minute “Add on” – Phone Consultations.


Will you handle all aspects of my event and be there on my wedding day?

No, as we’ve discussed, I’m not an on-site wedding planner. My goal is to assist you in defining and creating your grand event. While I will detail out a plan of action (that we develop together), it is up to you to take action and implement the plan, however you see fit.


Is every plan the same?

No, this is not a cookie cutter plan nor do I use a template. While every wedding has similar structure, every bride is different and each wedding will reflect the personality, style, budget and relationship of the bride and groom.


Do you have a list of “go to” vendors?

I do not currently have an affiliate vendor program.

I strongly suggest vendor referrals from other (3rd party) sources be properly vetted by each bride and groom


Will you communicate directly with vendors, and read, negotiate and handle our vendor contracts?

No, I do not handle vendor communications or contracts for you. This is something personal that you and your groom should handle together. If you need legal advice on specific contracts you should seek out an attorney to offer you their expert advice on the contract.

The final decision on who you hire is entirely up to you and your groom.


Will you make phone calls, schedule appointments, set up creative elements or coordinate the vendors for our wedding?

I will help define and create your plan, assist you with inspiration, research and support your planning efforts, but I do not do the work for you. This is your wedding and it will be a success based on your efforts and implementation. I am the mentor, guide, coach …. you are the make-it-happen bride (aka planning force). Together we are a great team!


Great! Now I’m Ready.

I'm SOReady


No Thanks, But I will buy the book.

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