You’re intimidated and a bit lost in a wedding industry absolutely focused on the young Lisa Joinerbride.

You’re filled with ideas about your dream wedding but are struggling to make decisions:

When, Where, Who & What? (not to mention How), it’s all SO overwhelming.

You’re at a loss on how to make this  Most. Important. Day. not just happen but happen in style.


I understand.


That’s exactly why I wrote my book, Unveiled Wisdom.


Author, Lisa JoinerI’m Lisa Joiner, and I love helping Mid-Life Brides create their dream wedding, one smart decision after another.


At age 53, I began planning my mid-life wedding. That eye-opening (okay, it blew my veil off) experience inspired me to write Unveiled Wisdom. Writing the book gave way to two new passions; offering “been there” support to YOU, the mid-life bride and lifting the veil of invisibility surrounding our vital and vibrant “Over 40” market.


Becoming a Mid-Life bride changed everything for me.


Finding love in mid-life, and being seen by my betrothed as beautiful and wise, (even if the mirror betrayed me some mornings) while at the same time being invisible to a youth focused wedding industry, presented an interesting juxtaposition. The contrast was startling and I saw a huge gap in the marketplace. It was time to lift the veil. I put pen to paper and set out to show the wedding industry that mid-life love is worthy of a bigger piece of the cake…so to speak.


“Writing a book is a BIG endeavor. As a life-long learner I was right at home. I learned how to ‘eat the elephant’ so to speak.”


I made a BIG career shift and haven’t looked back. Writing the book happened automatically as I experienced the disconnect within the industry, and lack of services and products offered to mid-life brides. I began filling pages with what I’d been looking for as a mid-life bride; support, ideas, guidance, humor, and understanding from one who’d walked the path.


We’re quiet revolutionaries who find a way to make our dreams happen.


To me, living a realized life is what mid-life is all about. Getting married isn’t going out of fashion. I like to think as we continue to marry later, and as we create the life of our dreams, we become the trendsetters.

My dream is to create a bridge so all brides – no matter the age or stage – feel welcomed and have a positive wedding planning experience. It’s a big idea that I sincerely hope resonates with real women of all ages.


A more personal glimpse

Lisa and Paul Wedding Picture

Lisa and Paul Joiner

I’m a fourth generation Northern California native, raised on a multi-generational family farm. My rural upbringing made me independent and spirited. Or as my husband says, “a pistol!”

Bragging Rights: I am the proud wife of a local politician (My husband is a City Councilman) and mother of an (incredibly smart) adult son.

I’m independent at heart, having worked in an office for a single day (at age 18) I knew that was not the life for me. After an outside sales career that spanned over 30 years (I sold everything from car parts, to cosmetics to Christmas ornaments), I embraced my spiritual side and undertook a five-year course of study that provides the frame-work for my intuitive counseling practice. Today I enjoy writing, working in my loft and being a quiet mid-life revolutionary.

Tidbits & Trivial Personal Reveals

Okay, I love sugar…cakes, donuts and ice cream are a few faves. My husband prefers Snickerdoodles, lots of them and doesn’t gain a pound. A good glass of Rombauer never disappoints. I enjoy fun conversations with family and friends, I prefer shopping alone (a little retail therapy is always good) and cherish time with my husband. I love NCIS (all versions), Endeavor, Madame Secretary and Project Runway. I need lots of light in a room, that means tons of windows and night lights. I’ve come to accept that I am a life-long learner and always want the “A.”

I have a strong appreciation for Spanish Colonial Art, LOVE Mother Mary (especially the Guadalupe) and honor the Divine. I am definitely spiritual and a believer in the magic of love.

Life is good.

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