Mid-life bride, Sheron shares her inspiring bride story and wedding day picture. I found the dress to be a perfect choice and Sheron looked beautiful!


Thank you, Sheron for sharing!


I was remarried 4 years ago at 53.  Yes, 2nd marriage planning is a lot different than a first marriage.  I didn’t want another church wedding, and my husband’s wedding was in Vegas, so we were married outside at a beautiful facility on 9/10/11!    My 2 adult boys gave me away and then stood up with my husband.  I had all 3 of my sisters in the wedding.  At the end of the ceremony my son opened up a large wicker basket and released 2 doves in the air.

At the reception, I wanted a father/daughters dance so that my dad (age 82) could dance with all of his daughters.   It was a surprise for my sisters and we have it all on video!   I also requested the song “We are Family” and asked all the sisters of our parents and Joe and my sisters to join us in a circle.  There were 25 sisters that danced to that song!  Everyone loved it.  At the end of the reception, my sister sang my Dad’s favorite song (Send in the Clowns) and he cried!   It was an unforgettable day!!
Thank you for liking my dress, I felt beautiful in it!