Frustrated with few viable options available for mid-life brides on the open market, one wise bride hired a local seamstress experienced in bridal wear to design and make her gown. She opted for a two-piece lace and silk dress that gave her a slimming fit, flattered her womanly figure and offered a comfortable alternative to the traditional one piece salon gown. The top was exquisitely appointed with crystals, pearls, and sequins and had ruching on the sleeve that fully covered her upper arm (no arm fat!). The gown was tasteful and beautiful and under $800. 

Another alternative is a beautifully appointed evening suit. The challenge is finding one off the rack that reads bridal. Again, it may be easier to hire a designer and seamstress to custom make the perfect suit for you.  Altering (or adding beautiful appointments) to one that you find in a store is another option.

Either way the two piece garment can definitely provide better fit options than a traditional gown.