I believe planning your mid-life wedding kicks off your Next Act in life.

I believe being a mid-life bride encourages authenticity and Bold Moves.

I believe it shows the world that dreams come true no matter your age.

I believe being a Mid-Life Bride is a courageous act of self-love.


A lot goes into planning a wedding…even an intimate gathering can quickly become overwhelming.

I get it.

You’re capable, confident and ready to plan. But, maybe you need a little help sorting through all your ideas, Pinterest Pins and Etsy finds.


You know your wedding doesn’t need to be elaborate, it needs to be memorable.


BUT…you’re having trouble deciding how to make that happen.


  • Perhaps you’ve got all the creative elements handled, but organizing the ceremony plan or writing the vows isn’t your gig.
  • Maybe you just need a little help getting started (or unstuck).
  • Or, you could really use someone (neutral) with a good ‘editing eye’ to look at your plan.


Whatever the case, I’m here to help.

I’ve got skills (think of me as a virtual wedding consultant) to help you eat the elephant (so to speak). I really want you to be the CEO/COO of your wedding and my job is to help you accomplish that in style.


Inspire. Create. Celebrate.


  • A 1 hour phone consultation we’ll identify where you need help and address how best to get you that help.
  • I’ll follow up the phone call with a detailed email based on our discussion and provide any information and next steps we agreed would be helpful.


My goal is to get you moving easily and confidently towards your big day.

I want you to make the planning process your own and maybe even enjoy it.

On your big day, I’d like you to have the utmost confidence in your decisions, fully knowing how the day will unfold, and that your plan will be perfectly executed.

This ceremony is a reflection of who you are as a bride and as a couple. Your love, personality, and joy go into all the planning, AND you want your guests to see the results of that and react to it emotionally (with their hearts and their eyes) on your wedding day.


Your wedding day is about joy and connection.


That’s the takeaway you want your guests to walk away with…not just noticing the little

(or big) details you’ve spent your hard earned dollars and time on.

You want them to know that the whole. darn. thing. was simply amazing and oh. so. you.


Ready to make a bold move and give yourself some virtual help? 

I'm SOReady


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