Browsing today for more age appropriate dresses and came upon these by Cymbeline.

(Okay I might have put a couple of other designers in there so go over to my Pinterest link to see then all and get which designer they are!)

Pricey….as they are designer gowns. But they do offer some nice ideas for style.

Have a look and tell me your thoughts!

AURORE by Cymbeline

ENS GENN by Cybeline

HILONA by Cymbeline

cymbeline wedding pantsuit fall 2013


2013 Wedding Gown Trend: Twists


Onyx Gown - -


I agree......remember - your back should be as beautiful as your front


"Alsa" Bridal Spring 2014 #lace #carolinaherrera #weddingdress


theia wedding dresses spring 2014 style 890061 sleeveless ombre petals


cymbeline halter wedding dress fall 2013


GATTI by Cymbeline




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