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Lisa Joiner lifts the veil on the mid-life bride

By: Carol Feineman, Editor

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Remarrying at age 53, Lisa Joiner quickly became frustrated that the marketplace did not cater to mid-life brides. While there is a booming wedding industry, according to Joiner, it’s geared for the younger crowd.
“When you’re planning your wedding, whether you’re looking for dresses or looking for (smaller) venues, the mid-life bride is overlooked,” Joiner said, “just like you become overlooked in mid life.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE


Lisa Joiner Lifts the Veil on the Mid-Life Bride


Lincoln, Calif.—Navigating a wedding was once solely the domain of young brides, but statistics today tell a different story.  Of the 2.2 million brides each year, half a million are mid-life brides—a demographic that’s been largely ignored by the wedding industry.


It was a frustration that ignited a vision for Lincoln, Calif.-based author Lisa Joiner: To revolutionize the bridal industry so midlife brides feel welcome at every point, from bridal salons to reception venues. Her book Unveiled Wisdom: Wedding Planning for the Mid-life Bride was recently released by Morning Bird Press.


“I want a mid-life bride to walk into a bridal salon and not be ushered immediately toward mother-of-the-bride dresses,” she said. “We should be offering women a much better experience as they plan their wedding for this next chapter of their lives.”


Joiner was 53 when she married Lincoln’s current mayor, Paul Joiner, in 2011. Combining a background in sales with her work as an intuitive counselor, she had the background to pull off the kind of wedding she wanted, but she found a significant void in resources available to help with the other considerations unique to this life stage.


“Midlife brides are looking for a wedding experience that’s better, not bigger. We have a different perspective at this point in our lives.”  What does she mean by better? For starters, she’d like to see bridal salons offer dresses tailored to mid-life brides and reception venues that offer packages conducive to the size and tone of mid-life weddings.  Her book addresses the complexity of a mid-life couple’s family and financial situations, along with considerations and perspectives on the wedding planning process—from how to determine the ceremony details to who should be invited.


Joiner cites $15 billion in annual spending on weddings at this stage in life.  Yet despite commanding a big slice of the industry pie (or wedding cake, as it were)—mid-life brides have had to fend for themselves amidst a sea of glossy bridal magazines and fantasy-wedding guides geared toward younger, first-time brides.   


Joiner is passionate about championing the mid-life bride.  “Because people are living longer, they expect mid-life marriages will be lasting longer,” Joiner said. “With a clearer vision for the marriage beyond the wedding day than they had when they were younger, mid-life brides seek a wedding experience that honors who they are as individuals going into this union.”   


Her husband, Paul, contributed his graphic design expertise to the book’s cover.  Early versions had a bride with glasses and a few extra pounds, an image that Lisa’s advisory board of girlfriends immediately rejected. “Mid-life women know our bodies are changing, but we still want to look and feel beautiful.”  Paul changed the cover to an image that reflected how mid-life brides felt about themselves…and now Lisa’s looking to change the wedding industry to better reflect the significant share that belongs to mid-life brides.




Expert Praise for Unveiled Wisdom:

Unveiled Wisdom is a refreshing, honest, hopeful, and entertaining guide to getting married later in life – when one’s vision is far clearer than it might have been in the past. Frankly, I think this guide should be read by all brides-to-be… whatever age and whatever stage.”

Christiane Northrup, M.D., OB/GYN physician and author of the New York Times Bestsellers: Goddesses Never Age, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause



Unveiled Wisdom is a must have guide for every bride over 30. Realistic, practical advice that covers everything imaginable that all brides need to know!”

Maria Shaw Lawson – Astrologer for the National EnquirerSoap Opera Digest and Author of Soul Mates and Hot Dates



Unveiled Wisdom helps smart women and their soulmates pre-select what is important to them as they plan to seal their lives together. It’s a ‘must read’ for discerning grown up couples approaching matrimony.”

The Honorable Susan Rohan, Mayor, Roseville, California


Reader Praise for Unveiled Wisdom

By Carol on May 10, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I loved this book! Reading it felt like I was having a live conversation with a very wise mid-life bride. More importantly, its suggestions were practical, ideas plentiful and it provided wedding details that I had totally forgotten about. The quotations were brilliant, the wit and writing style entertaining, yet to the point. A true gift of wisdom for me, an older second time bride.
By Alison Santiago on April 29, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This book is wonderfully loaded with wisdom and is a “must have” for planning a joy-filled wedding of your dreams!
Format: Paperback
Unveiled Wisdom reveals the bare truth beneath 24 veils (chapters) of often forgotten or never considered ideas of thoughtful and imaginative suggestions. As each veil drops, revealing this beautiful body of knowledge, the reader is left with an exciting vision of possibilities that bring a refreshing perspective to what might otherwise seem to be a daunting rather than thrilling experience.

As a soon to be mid-life groom, I appreciate the punchy, honest comments that give me a better understanding of what both my wife-to-be and I have to look forward to until the last veil falls.

Thank you for sharing your experience in such an open and imaginative way, which makes this reading accessible to anyone planning for a wedding.


  • I started writing Unveiled Wisdom while I was planning my wedding in 2011.
  • It took 3 1/2 years to write and edit the book. The rest of the time was spent on formatting, preparing the website and support materials.
  • I loved the entire process of creating this project.
  • I wrote the beginning chapters on my laptop sitting on top of my bed. When I organized the book I was totally surrounded by post it notes!
  • I finished writing the book during our first year of marriage. That changed my perspective and made keeping the tone of the book the same (not losing my ‘bride’ voice) a challenge.
  • My husband and I met on
  • I still have a copy of the first message he sent me.
  • He was the first man to ever “dip” me when he kissed me.
  • My husband carried the engagement ring around in his pocket for weeks before he proposed. He attempted a few times but got waylaid by family or circumstances. He eventually planned a tour of Castello di Amorosa Winery, in Calistoga. He rented the Royal Apartment, inside the castle, we made our way up to the rooftop overlooking the entire valley and he got down on one knee (in a puddle of water) and proposed. It was perfect.
  • He makes me smile everyday.
  • I really am pinch me happy.


What motivated you to write this book?

At age 53, planning my own wedding, I was shocked to find a significant lack of products (notably dresses) and resources available for mid-life brides, along with a prominent dismissive attitude from wedding industry personnel. AND I was not alone, I had several girlfriends who were also mid-life brides and they were experiencing similar issues. The extra push…One of my girlfriends told me if I didn’t write the book she would. That was all it took to make me pick up the pen and begin writing.


What Inspired the title?

The eye-opening (okay, it blew my veil off) experience of being over-looked and under-served coupled with the incredible wisdom mid-life offers. My original working title was Today’s Wise Bride, it was good but I kept stumbling over the words. One day Unveiled Wisdom came to me and I immediately did a domain search. It was available and I grabbed it. 


I understand your husband designed the cover?

Yes and he did a fabulous job! I actually hired another designer first. She did a great job but when I had her cover printed, it didn’t translate well. I had originally asked my husband to design the cover for me but our styles are very different. That’s a nice way of saying I’m a difficult client. This time when I asked him, I was able to communicate my ideas more clearly. I’m so happy he said yes!

He initially had the bride with glasses and a ‘thicker’ waist. My mid-life girlfriends nixed those ideas. While we may wear glasses and have thicker waistlines we don’t want to see ourselves on the cover of a book that way. We still have a bit of a princess or “Audrey Hepburn-Breakfast at Tiffany’s” complex even in mid-life.


How do you define the Mid-Life Bride?

I consider any bride 40 and over a mid-life bride. I recognize that each decade presents its own unique challenges and experiences. However, all mid-life brides are courageous, in the prime of their life, and recognize the value of whole-hearted love. 


How are Mid-Life Brides different from a second time bride in her 30’s?

Some of these are obvious; our bodies and life experience, complex finances and complicated family situations all create a very different wedding planning (and marriage planning) scenario.

Mid-life brides are very sentimental and understand how important it is to have their ceremony accurately reflect who they are as a couple. They want to stand in front of their family and friends, declare their love and have that witnessed. The weight and meaning of the vows are profound.

They have overcome a lot to arrive at love’s door, so they know how special love is in mid-life.

However, no matter your age being a bride is wonderful and fun experience!