Thank You!….and….Congratulations!

I know that might not have been an easy decision. What I do know is….

I am so excited to begin our work together and help you create your dream wedding.



So….are you ready to ramp up your wise bride mojo? Great!

Let’s get started!

First: Send me an email to:  and tell me “Let’s get started!” Be sure to include your email, phone number and time zone.

Second: I will shoot you an email with specifics (remember I’m big on details) on how we get this mentoring started. I will also contact you within 3 business days to set up our first appointment. Once our appointment is set, I will send you some Q’s to answer.

Third: Once you answer the Q’s and send the answers back to me… least 2 business days prior to our appointment, we begin creating your path to the altar.


Thank you again for becoming a mentee and for being a super happy wise bride!