Over 40? Then you are a mid-life bride.


What every mid-life bride (MLB) has in common is love. She knows the value of wholehearted love and feeling adored by her groom (aka…the man of her dreams). She recognizes how glorious being a bride is at this time in her life……..it changes everything.


Vital, Vibrant, and Growing


There are over 550,000 Mid-Life Brides (age 40 and over) getting married in the U.S. every year.


This makes the sensible, financially stable, philanthropic, and generous Baby Boomers,


the highly educated, independent, stylish, and tech savvy Gen X ladies the majority of today’s mid-life brides.


Mid-Life Bride’s Challenges


Bridal Fashion – Poor selections and dismissive attitudes are disheartening and off-putting. Perseverance in a youth dominated market place, a good seamstress, designer, or a high quality alterations person can give the mid-life bride the dress of her dreams that both flatters and makes her feel beautiful.


Combining Families – Dealing with ex-spouses, children, grand-children, and extended family members can make this an emotional mine field and etiquette puzzle.


Financial Conundrums – Discussing money makes everyone nervous and uncomfortable. When you are older there is just more to discuss. Complex portfolios, multiple households, children, previous family obligations, retirement funding, healthcare, debt, and education are just a few of the areas that require discussion not to mention, individual spending habits and household contributions.


•Integrating Households – Integration requires letting go and letting in from both parties.The challenge of merging two households and lives together is both emotional and logistical. It is traumatic, even in the happiest of scenarios moving and giving up a home of many years. These couples invest in their relationship and have the wisdom to make it work.


•Societal Norms – Mid-life brides receive their fair share of sideways looks and raised eyebrows. Whether it is jealousy, judgments, criticism, or imposing societal expectations, all take their toll and can also create riffs in families or the loss of friendships. These brides have mettle, strength, and purpose.


•Breaking the Wedding Rules – It is important to stay authentic and not give into the cookie cutter wedding molds that dominate the younger market. Becoming a Trail Blazer and dream maker takes tenacity!


How is the Mid-Life Bride’s experience different from..you know… a second time Bride in her 30’s?


1. Our bodies: Like it or not (and we don’t) we’ve aged.


2. Outlook: Our mental, emotional and spiritual attitudes towards life, relationships, and ourselves have evolved and changed. We think differently than young brides.


3. Life Experience: This alone makes the older bridal experience completely different. Mid-life Brides and Grooms are more reflective, appreciative, and honest about who we are and how incredible love is with the right person by our side.


4. Careers: They might be peaking, or in their twilight years, or beginning a new later-in-life career, or for many, enjoying retirement; we are at a different place than our thirty something counterparts.


5. Finances: They are decidedly more complex. Retirement Accounts, Trusts, Estate Planning, Elder Care, Multiple homes, Investments, Previous Spousal Support, Child Support, the list seems endless.


6. Families: Older Children, Empty Nest (or near empty nest), grandchildren, or adult children who have moved back home creating an entirely new family dynamic and model, all complicate the process.



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