Thrilled to be planning your wedding.

You’re head’s spinning with ideas.

There are SO many decisions you’re wondering, “How am I going to make this happen.”

And maybe…

You’re stymied by the lack of selection and choices available for Mid-Life Brides.


You Dream About…

Making this moment special for you and your groom. AND you want a setting and ceremony that accurately reflects your love story.


What You Need…

Is someone to sort through all. those. choices. and make one smart decision after another.

Is someone to help YOU make your beautiful event come to life.


That’s EXACTLY what I do!

I like to think of myself as a Virtual Wedding Mentor. My specialty is helping over-achieving wedding dreamers – like you – get their wedding plans organized, styled, and presented thoughtfully and beautifully.

Through my one-on-one mentoring, I help results-ready brides (like you) sift through choices, think outside the traditional wedding box, go from “pinning” ideas to implementing them, and finally celebrating with those winning ideas on your wedding day.

Even if you’re half way through the planning process and now find yourself lost, unsure, or stuck, I can help get your wedding plans back on track.


Your wedding doesn’t need to be elaborate

it needs to be memorable.


 Virtual Mentor


Wedding Mentoring can help with…

Brainstorming or conceptualizing your ideal wedding.

Developing and prioritizing your wedding plan.

Creating a ceremony plan.

Identifying vendors, creative ideas, and all the fun & interesting details that make your wedding day special (okay, maybe even epic!).

Researching. Did I mention research? I love research. I’ll help gather information; offering you options to review with your groom.

AND because you’re a take-charge make-it-happen bride…

You’re comfortable handling the implementation and execution of your plan and LOVE being in charge!

Virtual Mentor

My Working Style:

I like to Keep it Simple and Straight forward.

Inspire  Create  Celebrate


One of my superpowers is cutting through confusion, seeing the big picture, and creating a clear path to your desired outcome.

Some of my other super-traits are responsive communication and detailed follow-through.

And I’m big on the principle of Copy, Adapt, Refine. Let’s just say, I find a way to get it done.

After all, this wedding is all about you & your groom creating and enjoying a special moment in time.


It’s your love story. Let’s tell it in style.


Oh my Gosh, Tell Me More!


I'm SO Ready! Let's do This.

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Let's Do this! Inspire. Create. Celebrate.
I'm a make-it-happen bride

I know I want our wedding to be...

Memorable and our Love Story told with Style


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